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The Great Gatsby

The Great Gatsby poster is created using the entire text of the book.

This print uses Fitzgerald's prose to illustrate one of the most telling scenes of the book, with the enigmatic and lovelorn Gatsby gazing out over the bay towards the unblinking green light that shines out across the water from the dock of his beloved Daisy's mansion.

The Great Gatsby is in many ways Fitzgerald's lament of the death of the American dream, and our poster captures this central theme of the book, highlighting the untraversable divide between old money and new money, and the ultimately hollow significance of wealth.

AUTHOR: F. Scott Fitzgerald
DIMENSIONS: 30x24''  -  76.2x61cm
TEXT COVERED: Entire text
  • Satin paper  $26.95

Satin Paper

The satin print option is made with museum quality paper and printed with lucid archival ink.

Vivid words from your favorite titles are printed on luscious satin paper, allowing you to easily frame and mount your print at an economical price. Moreover, this combination of high-quality materials extends the life of the print to 50+ years.


The canvas print uses a cotton-polyester based material and features a satin finish which enhances the pure high-caliber feel, while at the same time augmenting the breathtaking vibrancy of each word, phrase, shape, and hue. Furthermore, its scientifically formulated coating, and delicious texture, calls to mind the romantic image of an artist hard at work creating a canvas worthy of your wall.

Beautiful and resilient, the canvas print offers the best of both worlds and will not fade or scratch, giving a long and fruitful life to the artwork you love.


The handcrafted 3/4" thick bamboo mount adds a new dimension to this gorgeous print.

Luxury and nature are seamlessly combined in this sophisticated, eco-friendly mount made with 15 lbs of pure, solid bamboo. It provides a secure yet chic background for mounting your print, and extends it beyond the surface of the wall with style. Furthermore, the bamboo's natural grains are visible to the naked eye, breathing life into your favorite novel while bringing the gracefulness of exotic bamboo forests into your home or office.