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July 08, 2010

You made suggestions and we listened

We asked the Reddit community for feedback during launch day - July 7, 2010 and received many many kind comments. This, however, was my personal favorite:

Behold! The power of the look of disapproval!

Keep it real, Reddit! <3

Moving on to the real news: People seem to be iffy about the title text and its font-type. We’ve already made changes to the font-type for Alice in Wonderland and Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea, which were specifically singled out.

There is also a divide in opinion concerning the placement of the title text, that is, whether or not the title should even exist. There are those who don’t mind it and have bought several posters already, and there are others who would rather have the artwork represent the novel, entirely.

We understand these concerns and will be offering two options for every poster: with or without title text within a week. It is still important to leave the title somewhere in the poster for identification, so posters without title text will have it appended to the end of the entire text.

We hope this satisfies our most attentive customers.

— Postertext team