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July 19, 2010

New Posters: Moby Dick, Crime and Punishment

Another week, another 2 new posters! I present you our Moby Dick and Crime and Punishment posters: Moby Dick (24x30” - 61x76cm) Moby Dick poster
A masterpiece of storytelling and symbolic realism, this thrilling adventure and epic saga pits Ahab, a brooding sea captain, against the great white whale that crippled him. More than just the tale of a hair-raising voyage, Melville’s riveting story passionately probes man’s soul.  A literary classic first published in 1851, Moby-Dick represents the ultimate human struggle.
Crime and Punishment (24x30” - 61x76cm) Crime and Punishment poster
Mired in poverty, the student Raskolnikov nevertheless thinks well of himself. Of his pawnbroker he takes a different view, and in deciding to do away with her he sets in motion his own tragic downfall. Crime and Punishment is a penetrating novel of an intellectual whose moral compass goes haywire, and the detective who hunts him down for his terrible crime, is a stunning psychological portrait, a thriller and a profound meditation on guilt and retribution.
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