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August 10, 2010

A new home for our blog

We've moved our blog from to This move will help our search engine optimization (SEO), which should get us better visibility on search engines like Google. For those who are interested or have a website of their own, all brownie points that go to our blog will add to our homepage - - if the blog is located in a subdirectory of our domain name (like However, if your blog is located on a subdomain like brownie points will only go to that subdomain. The reason is search engines see as a separate entity to; and therefore, all good SEO will be divided into two parts. Incidentally, we have switched from Tumblr to Wordpress as our blogging platform since Tumblr does not support outside hosting of its software. After the switch, we're glad we made the transition! The blog feels much faster and has loads more functionalities! Anyways, enough of this techy stuff. Come visit our brand new blog! Good-bye old blog: Old Postertext blog We will never forget you! *sniff -- Postertext team