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August 22, 2010

Weekly Twitter digest for 2010-08-22

  • Woohoo! We are now ranked #3 for "book posters" on Google! #
  • Woohoo! We are now ranked 3rd for "book posters" on Google! #
  • Nevermind. We are now down to page 5 on Google :'( I guess you get different search results depending on where you are.. #
  • Website was down for 10 minutes. Regular maintenance. It's now up again! #
  • Ooooh! You might see our posters at small bookstores soon. #
  • Fixed those fancy social media buttons on the side of our website. Now they won't collapse onto each other on smaller monitors. #
  • Thanks for all the book requests! We now have over 100 books on our radar. #
  • Oops! For some reason our "Like" button on our product pages weren't showing to anonymous shoppers. That's been fixed now. #
  • We just broke our previous record for most sales in a day! And the day hasn't even ended yet! Thanks everyone! <3 #
  • Yippee! We've reached 300+ Facebook fans & 150+ Twitter followers. Are YOU on our social radar? Join our Facebook page & follow our tweets! #
  • We now offer shipping to Alaska! Someone please give Sarah Palin one of our posters :) #
  • Slowly and silently improving our posters. Alice in Wonderland, Wizard of Oz and 20,000 Leagues under the sea have been updated! #
  • We're now back to page 2 on Google search for "book posters" Yippee! #
  • Just rolled out our first advertising campaign for Google! Adwords is nifty looking! #
  • Wow! Who knew making a product catalog would be so hard! This is almost as hard as making our posters. #