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September 23, 2010

FYI Frankenstein isn't actually who you think he is

Look at this monster. Frankenstein 1 Now back to me, now back to him. Frankenstein 2 Now back to me. Sadly, his name isn't what you think it is, but if you remember from the book, he was never really given a name. Look down, back up, "What did you say?" "His name isn't Frankenstein?" Nope. Look again. He is simply referred to as Frankenstein's monster or Frankenstein's creature. Look down, back up, do you remember now? You've probably already guessed who Frankenstein is by now. He's Victor Frankenstein - the mad scientist and creator of the monster. Look again. Frankenstein 3 NOW YOU HAVE CORRECTED YOUR WRONGS! Anything is possible when you read our blog. I'm on the internet. :) -- Postertext team (Did you find this post to be strange? If so, you've probably not seen the infamous, viral Old Spice commercials. Check them out here:!) NOTE: You might also be interested in our Frankenstein book poster: