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November 10, 2010

Calling all aspiring, "indie" authors - We have a writing contest for you!

Postertext is co-sponsoring a writing competition held by Red Adept Reviews, a blog filled with many book reviews of lesser-known, more indie novels. It is blogs like this that gives many aspiring, young authors the much needed motivation and support to continue their passion for writing. That is why we are proud to announce our involvement in their short story writing contest! Here are the contest details, which can also be seen here:
To enter: Write a short story that has a twist, or surprise, at the end. I think most people have seen “Sixth Sense”, with Bruce Willis. Remember the surprise ending? Ever read some of O. Henry’s stories? Those are just two examples of the types of “twists” we are looking for in a story. We must never see it coming, yet think “Why didn’t I see that coming?” All prizes below include publication in a new anthology titled, “Twists and Turns: A Red Adept Reviews Collection.” Each winning author will receive an equal percentage of the net royalties for this anthology and a copy of the resulting e-book. ***************************************************** First Prize: 3 Weeks of Advertising on “Red Adept Reviews” One Kindle Book of the Day ad on Kindle Nation Daily Ebook of the Day Sponsorship 2 Weeks Advertising space on One week Banner Ad on Daily Ebook Reviews Planet iPad Daily Free Book Alert Sponsorship ***************************************************** Second Prize: 2 Weeks of Advertising on “Red Adept Reviews” 2 Weeks Advertising space on Daily Sponsorship Ad on Daily Ebook Reviews **************************************************** Third Prize: 1 Week of Advertising on “Red Adept Reviews” One free Poster from Postertext **************************************************** Fourth Prize: One Week of Advertising on “Red Adept Reviews” **************************************************** Three “Honorable Mentions” will be included in the anthology and receive a percentage of the net royalties. Entry Deadline: February 21, 2011 Suggested Length: 2,000 to 10,000 (Some ‘wiggle room’ – We’re not going to count the words, but please stay close to the upper limit.) Content: We do not want to limit our readership, so please, no explicit language or graphic violence. Keep it about “PG-13.” Rules: 1. No more than 2 submissions per author. Each submission must be submitted separately. 2. Stories may have been published elsewhere; however, authors must have full publishing rights for the submitted story. 3. All submissions must be edited. Submissions filled with grammatical and spelling errors could cause disqualification with no notification due to the author. 4. All submissions must be in .pdf, .doc, .docx, .prc, .mobi, .txt, or .azw format. 5. Winners must assign exclusive publishing rights to the anthology for six months as of the date of the winner announcement. Winners must provide a ‘workable’ copy for publishing in any format needed. 6. All decisions by the judges are final. The judges are also the publishers and have final say on content, price, cover, etc. 7. Winners will provide biographical information for inclusion in the anthology. 8. Judges reserve the right to cancel the anthology publication due to lack of quality entries with no compensation to authors. 9. “Red Adept Reviews” is not responsible for prizes issued by third parties. Timing for advertising space prizes is subject to availability.
If you are interested, please submit your entry on their website. Good luck!