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November 18, 2010

Each year hundreds of words are dropped from the English language. You can help change that.

savethewords This is quite possibly one of the oddest adoption programs I've ever come across. Appropriately so, the website for the program is equally bizarre! At, you can pick any of the listed retiring words and register for an account to adopt it. To adopt a word, you simply use your word in everyday conversation or written communication. From the website:
Each time you use one of these words, you are keeping it alive in the English language.
Now, this is a bit silly. We're not sure using an unfamiliar word would help keep it alive, considering you would be the only person using the word and that, most likely than not, you're the only person that understand the meaning of the word. The practical significance is therefore lost - perhaps it's best to retire these words. That being said, this project is an excellent example of boreism. (Guess which word we've adopted ;))