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November 19, 2010

Things You Didn’t Know

In September of 2007, published a series of real life plot twists about famous authors. This list reveals nine relatively unknown facts about some of the greatest authors we know. I myself did not know any of these facts and found myself quite entertained when I found out a thing or two about authors whose books I have been reading for many years. Some of them, like Sherwood Anderson ‘s death via toothpick, are amusing and sad simultaneously. Others, like Charles Dickens' affinity for his pet raven, are just funny. And possibly the most intriguing is the myth that developed around Thomas Hardy's heart. Did the cat actually eat it and what we really are left with is a pig’s heart buried in the churchyard? So many things we may never know! None the less you will find some facts inspiring, others interesting, and some quite sad, but hopefully they will all be educational. Enjoy :)