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November 29, 2010

We're participating in Secret Santa 2010 on Reddit!

Redditgifts Secret Santa We've been really excited this week. We are active on an online community called Reddit. And every Christmas, community members sign up to participate in Secret Santa with other members. Since we've only been in business for less than a year, we've decided to make our first year a festive one by participating in Reddit's Secret Santa! November 26th was the date that participants were matched with their Secret Santas, and I have been jumping for joy since I think I have the perfect gift for my match. No, it is not one of our posters! Instead, it is a highly sentimental piece from the 2010 World Cup which I attended for the first time. It's nothing expensive but it is certainly one of the most iconic items from the event. Also, I've gone through an extraordinary situation with it. This is perfect since the gift recipient is a mod for /r/soccer, and of course, a big fan of the sport! 'Tis the season, everyone!