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December 12, 2010

Weekly Twitter digest for 2010-12-12

  • Oh Canada! Where is Your Literature? - #
  • We've made a couple of changes to our website over the weekend. Please let us know your feedback! #
  • We are currently running a few regular maintenance checks and will be back online in a couple of hours. Thank you for your patience. #
  • And we're back online again! Please note we understand there is an issue with the currency bar at the top of our website. Fixing this soon! #
  • Too many visitors! Our website is now back up. #
  • Two new big blog mentions! We were mentioned in io9 - and The Escapist magazine - #
  • Another record broken! Most sales in one day - definitely. Thank you for ordering our literary posters! Merry Christ & Happy Hanukkah to all #
  • We're currently serving too many visitors right now. The website will be slower than usual. Please be patient! Thank you. #
  • Whew. That was one long day processing all your orders. We need to start hiring monkies that can operate computers here. #
  • Just added Sweden to our list of countries we ship to. #
  • Lots of very late orders today at 1:30AM! #
  • I see why there are so many late-night orders now! Thank you fellow Redditors! #
  • A customer just spotted us on NY Mag! - Please let us know if you ever find new mentions of us! #
  • I'm so excited! We might be covered in Vanity Fair magazine - Spain! #