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January 02, 2011

Entering the New Year - 2011

2010 ended with surprising results. We never expected to receive so much attention in such a short period of time since our launch in July 2010. We didn't advertise our posters nor did we proactively contacted big blogs - yet our website was struggling to capture all the orders in December. To be honest, we could (and should) have handled the holiday much better. We definitely did not have enough posters in stock, which resulted in shipping delays and anxious customers. Hundreds of emails were coming in every week, and although we tried to answer every one of them promptly, we still did not have enough resources to answer every email within 24 hours. Shipping costs were also a big concern with our customers. We understand all of these issues and will make it our top priority these coming months to alleviate them. Our immediate goal is to negotiate much better shipping rates with our couriers. Our goal is to offer US shipping & handling for under $10 dollars while still using our most durable shipping tubes. Of course, we will also reduce shipping costs for international and fellow Canadian customers. This also means we will provide international shipping to all major English speaking nations sometime this year. We have learned much from 2010 and will continue forward with better offerings to our customers. We hope you all enjoyed your holidays! And remember to keep those New Year Resolutions in mind! I know we certainly will :)