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January 16, 2011

NEW POSTERS: Little Women, Heart of Darkness

Here are the long-awaited poster releases! Little Women (24x36" - 61x91cm) Little Women poster
The Little Women poster is created using the first 17 chapters of the book. Little Women is a classic story of the March family women and their lives in New England during the Civil War. It has remained enduringly popular since its publication in 1868. Poor, argumentative, loving, and optimistic, the March sisters struggle to supplement their family's meager income and realize their own dreams. This highly autobiographical novel shows us women who are strong-minded and independent in their determination to control their own destiny.
Heart of Darkness (24x30" - 61x76cm) Heart of Darkness poster
The Heart of Darkness poster is created using the entire text of the book. Heart of Darkness has been considered for most of this century as a literary classic, and also as a powerful indictment of the evils of imperialism. It reflects the savage repressions carried out in the Congo by the Belgians in one of the largest acts of genocide committed up to that time. Conrad's narrator encounters at the end of the story a man named Kurtz, dying, insane, and guilty of unspeakable atrocities.
Stay tuned for next week's release!