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January 17, 2011

A Wrinkle in Time in 90 Seconds

I read A Wrinkle in Time by Madeleine L'Engle when I was about twelve and, well, I hated it. It's a well written novel but just not enjoyable to me. Although deliciously creepy at times, I grew increasingly annoyed with the characters (one of which is a genius five year old named Charles Wallace). Anyhow, the novel basically follows the adventures of three children named Meg, Charles, and Calvin who all set out together to rescue Meg’s father who mysteriously disappeared several years earlier. There is definitely a tint of science fiction in this book which I believe is what makes it readable. If you’ve read the novel and are up for a good laugh, or you simply want to see a condensed version of it, check out A Wrinkle in Time in 90 seconds – it definitely made me chuckle. :)