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February 20, 2011

Old Friends

I couldn’t help but smile at the sight of this beaten up, duct taped book – and it’s not because I am an avid Stephen King fan. I think anyone who loves to read knows what it is like to develop a relationship with a beloved, favorite novel. Sure it’s replaceable, sure you could just pay to get a brand new one, but there’s something about those worn pages, dog-eared corners, and favorite passages that have been underlined and read again and again. As a result, the binding falls apart, the cover becomes torn, but aren’t these all simply signs of a much loved book? My Sherlock Holmes novels have literally been lugged halfway around the world and then lugged back. And when it comes down to it, I can’t bear to leave them behind. I can’t explain why I love them, or why they are such a comfort, except to say that there really is nothing like a good book – especially if you’ve had it for a long time. :)