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March 11, 2011

Spring Break Books

It’s that time of year that most college students look forward to as a time to party hardy and visit exotic locations. Yup, spring break is just around the corner. Over the next week I will blog on entertaining and light novels that are perfect whether you find yourself still stuck studying in the library over spring break, lying poolside in tropical Mexico, or simply hanging out at home. The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins is a novel that I have already made mention of in a previous blog, so this time around I’m going to bring up the second novel in the series called Catching Fire. This book picks up almost exactly where the previous one left off, and is an easy yet intriguing read. The series is based in a post – apocalyptic world that is ruled by and authoritarian government. This makes for interesting political thought  as well as seems to make an ironic play on the obsession with reality television shows such as Survivor (you will only understand this reference if you read the books!). Enjoy! :)