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May 19, 2011

To Assent or Dissent, that is the Question

Controversies over awards have been going on for a long time. As always, there are winners and losers, and more often than not the losers will feel particularly unsatisfied with the situation involving a fellow writer smugly receiving a huge cash award for his work. In most cases, dissatisfaction is pushed out of the way and graciousness towards the winner is brought forward. Not so much in the context of author Philip Roth who is perhaps most famous for his novel Goodbye, Columbus. Roth was the honored winner of the Man Booker International Award (awarded only every two years to an author who has contributed to the world stage), but unfortunately there is a dissenter in every group of assenters and in this case it came in the form of judge Carmen Callil who was less than overjoyed at this turn of events – not to mention not very polite about them either – as you can see by this article. For anyone who has read Philip Roth perhaps you agree wholeheartedly with Callil’s statement, or perhaps you feel that she has overstepped her boundaries and spoke too condescendingly. Read and comment! :)