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June 23, 2011

Weekly Twitter digest for 2011-06-23

  • @jcn @giugiu We've considered adding color to our posters but we feel that they should retain the style of books: words on plain background! #
  • @kraykray @jcn We've received a couple similar suggestions this past week. We are planning on redesigning these more "morbid" posters. #
  • @kraykray @jcn I'd like to ask you for your opinion for the Crime and Punishment poster. What do you think we should illustrate? Thanks! #
  • @jcn So Jesse - have you decided which one of our posters you like best yet? :) #
  • @jcn So do we! We're planning on redesigning our entire site. One main feature will be the ability to zoom freely (all the way to the text) #
  • @jcn Thanks! We hope to include more in the future. Also good idea. We'll also include an option to view a larger photo for each poster #
  • Hello, visitors from Japan! Thank you for visiting us. Email us at if you would like to make an order to your country #