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July 07, 2011

Happy one year anniversary! Win an Amazon Kindle through our sweepstake!

Update (7-25-2011): We've received several emails from customers asking for an extension on the sweepstake deadline. After all, it takes a couple of days just to have the posters shipped and properly framed. The ending date for the sweepstake has now been changed to August 15th. Update (7-21-2011): Shipping to the US takes less than 3 days guaranteed, so your last day to make a purchase and take a photo of it is July 28th August 10th! -- Great Gatsby! Has it already been one full year since we opened shop last July 7? Wow, time really does fly! In the past year of our existence, we've gone through many hurdles as a start-up. I'd like to go through a few with you. There was the issue of our website not being able to handle heavy traffic. Then there was our first Christmas, which blew us all away. None of us could have anticipated such massive volume, especially when we didn't (and still haven't) done any advertising. And don't forget the recent reduction in our shipping fees, which was achieved by relocating our printing/packaging to where the majority of our customers are - in the United States. It's been an absolutely spectacular year - all thanks to you, our loyal customers. We want to celebrate our birthday by giving a gift to those who trusted and believed us right from the beginning. NOW FOR THE SWEEPSTAKE DETAILS: For customers who have bought from us, send us a photo of our posters in your beautiful rooms. We want to see which lucky rooms have been adorned with our posters! If you haven't bought from us, now would be a good time to do so! Submit your photo to our Facebook wall or send an email to before July 31st August 15th. Your photograph must be between 2MB to 10MB in size and uploaded to an image hosting website such as Imgur or Minus. Please send us only the URL's to your photo. If you are sending via email, all emails containing an attachment of the image will be deleted! Your entry will be randomly selected on July 31st August 16th, and you will be contacted through Facebook or email (depending on which medium you chose) if you have been picked. So, what's the prize? The lucky winner will win a brand new Kindle (Wifi)! Looks good doesn't it! Please keep the following in mind when taking your shots: - Do it when the room is well-lit - Don't take a photo of just the poster, we want to see the rest of your room too! Here are some good examples. - Although we trust that you have a splendid figure, please don't include any people in your photos! Finally, we have only one contest rule: All submitted photographs may be used on our website or in future marketing materials. You give us the rights to use your photographs when sending us your photographs. We want to be able to show off our customers' action shots! **Remember, all you have to do is purchase our poster and take a photograph of it. If you don't already have a poster from us, now is a great time to buy one!** What are you waiting for? Go take those photographs now! OR... You know you want to!