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July 13, 2011

Unofficial E.M. Forster Day!

  Today I am in the mood for a classic novel so I have chosen E.M. Forster as my writer of the day! Love, love, love this novelist (did I mention I love him? :) ). He first drew me in with his novel A Room with a View which details the life a young woman traveling in Italy. It is meant to focus on how repressed her life is as it is filled with the constant need to be ‘proper’ about absolutely everything. I can’t describe why I found this book so beautiful and moving, but it is. I quickly followed it up with two other favorite books of mine: Where Angels Fear Tread and A Passage to India. Don’t forget that Forster is also the author of many charming short stories! There is nothing special about today so I declare it E.M. Forster day! I hope that you get to enjoy one of his novels today and come to love this author as much as I have! :)