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July 17, 2011

Writing Like Ernest Hemingway

How many of us, after having finished some beautifully written novel, have given a sigh of contentment and thought: I wish I could write like that? Or perhaps even possibly thinking I bet I could do that. What follows are countless rough drafts that are erased and re-started, hours spent wracking one’s brain for new ideas, until finally giving up in a fit of irritation. I think that if I had the choice of being able to write like anyone it would be Ernest Hemingway. Not only did he embody the issues of the Lost Generation, but his fantastic writing style changed my view of literature entirely. However, Bill Keller the executive editor from the New York Times has a different view on writers entirely. Check out this article and see what he has to say about writers, books, and the hard work involved in writing a novel. Enjoy! :)