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July 31, 2011

The Fanbook for U2

    This is the last time that I will blog about famed Irish band U2 but for now I am still on a high from last night’s final and incredible concert. So I thought I’d do a follow up with another book suggestion: U2 by U2. If you are a die-hard fan (like myself) this is a book you will appreciate. This book has interviews, delves into the relationships between band members Bono , The Edge , Larry , and Adam, and has great photos as well! This isn’t deep literature, but it’s a great book to own if you are someone who understands the relationship U2 has with its long term fans. Rumor has it that although finished with the 360 tour, U2 will soon put out a new CD - and at the final concert we were given a demo of one of the new tracks. All I can say is it sounds good! I hope you enjoy both their music and the book! :)