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September 08, 2011

Weekly Twitter digest for 2011-09-08

  • @thebookviking It looks fantastic! The yellow outline around the poster is very unique! Question: Why that color? #
  • @sloe_gin_fizz @sarabethw Hello! It does seem like they offer posters in a similar style. Our focus though is on literature - no tweets! #
  • @thebookviking I'm loving the shade of green you've placed around our Great Gatsby poster! Do you mind if we show your photo on our FB page? #
  • @achreja Hello again Jivan :) LOTR and The Hobbit is certainly on our list. We still have to finish the classics first though! #
  • @kjb27 Hi Krystina! How did you find our Great Gatsby poster? It should have arrived at your door already :) #
  • @SusannaSpeier Oh, it wasn't the books that had to pass - it was the authors! All the books we work with (now) are in the public domain. #
  • @thebookviking Excellent :) Would it be alright with you if your photos showed a bit more of the environment that it's in? Thank you! #
  • @besottedbrand Thank you! :) #
  • @achreja No - not yet. We've just completed our War and Peace and A Tale of Two Cities though! Starting now on Grimm's Fairy Tales. #
  • @kayla_devitto Faulkner's books are still under copyright and we want to complete a library of classics first. See #