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September 14, 2011

Keyboard typography as a wall calendar

We're crazy about typography as you probably can tell from our book posters. So this project from Kickstarter really caught my eye.   What you see here is a calendar that's "made of two-thousand and twelve used keyboard keys. The keys are arranged manually to write out all days of the year 2012." The layout is a bit difficult to follow though, "The keys are arranged in a grid. If you read them from left to right, they read each day of the year in sequence: January Sun 01 Mon 02 Tue 03 etc. You can think of it like a long array, sequence or string of all dates in the year. To make things easier, every month is differentiated by an "arrow key."" You can learn more about the project by watching this video: Or by visiting their Kickstarter page here: Hmm. This makes me wonder what font is on our keyboards, and whether or not all keyboards use the same font. If so, why that one and who made the decision?