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October 03, 2011

We've improved our packaging!

Almost every time, our posters arrive at our customer's door in perfect condition, but there are still a couple of instances every couple of months with damaged posters. When our customers send us photographs of the damages (our convenient way of processing a return instead of shipping the item back to us), it is obvious that the parcel was mistreated by the courier. I remember one instance where there were even tire marks on the tube. The tube, needless to say, was crushed from the multi-ton weight of their delivery truck. Since there is nothing we can do to improve the courier's handling of our precious parcels (asking nicely doesn't seem to help), we have decided to opt for stronger, more secure shipping tubes for all of our orders from today onwards. These tubes have double spiral-wounded walls with metallic ends, and are said to be "impossible to crush" by the manufacturer. Rest assured, whatever you order from us will arrive in absolutely mint condition!