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November 15, 2011

NEW POSTERS: A Tale of Two Cities, War and Peace, Grimm's Fairy Tales, The Constitution of the USA

It’s been a while since we’ve released new posters. We even had some customers asking us if we were still in business! The answer is: We certainly are still in business. These couple of months have been very busy for us and so we were late on these releases. I apologize for the lateness but in the coming months you will see what we’ve been busy with. And believe me – you will love what we’ll be coming out with! Without further ado, here are our newest pieces. I hope you like them! A Tale of Two Cities (24×30″ – 61x76cm) 24x30-Tale-of-Two-CIties-2
The A Tale of Two Cities poster is created using the first 12 chapters of the book. This poster depicts the climactic final scene of the book, showing the dissolute English barrister Sydney Carton ascending the steps to the guillotine in the guise of his friend Charles Darnay, making the ultimate sacrifice so that the self-exiled French nobleman can begin a new life free from the tyranny of his vengeful countrymen. This striking scene will be instantly recognisable to anyone who has read Dickens’ classic novel, conveying as it does the last redeeming act of a man who, after a life of wasted chances and spurned opportunities, finally finds within himself a core of courage and honour which he previously could never have dreamed existed.
  War and Peace (24×36″ – 61x91cm) 24x36-War-and-Peace-3
The War and Peace poster is created using the first 10 chapters of the book. Our War and Peace poster depicts a sea of pikes, muskets and standards, clashing together in the tumultuous throng of battle as the ebb and flow of historical forces resolve themselves in the haphazard pandemonium of man-to-man melees on the field of war. Meanwhile, a flock of birds soar high above the bloody battlefield, unconcerned by the life or death struggles raging below. Tolstoy’s magnum opus stands as an enduring landmark in the development of world literature, both for its grand vision and its penetrating insights into the nature of history and the human condition, which this poster captures in a single, arresting image.
  Grimm's Fairy Tales (24×36″ – 61x91cm) 24x36-Grimms-Fairy-Tales-2
The Grimms’ Fairy Tales is created using many short stories, including Little Red-Cap (aka Little Red Riding Hood) amongst others. Click here to view the others. Our poster displays one of the most famous fairy tale characters, Little Red Riding Hood, as she is stalked by the vicious wolf. Molded from the text of the classic story, the poster shows an innocent girl and a devious beast as they first cross paths in the forest. Grimms’ Fairy Tales, represented here by Little Red Riding Hood, is one of the most timeless pieces of literature, inspiring, teaching, and entertaining generations of children and parents alike. Our poster captures this classic collection with one of its most recognizable and iconic images.
  The Constitution of the USA (16x20” – 41x51cm) Constitution of the USA poster