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November 22, 2011

Artist deconstructs passages of text to create typography art

Erin Smith, an Australian artist, developed a fascination for typography during her university years some years ago. She says, “I was looking at the intricacy of the engracing of a smith and wesson pistol (on the computer, not my own) [and] I thought about this image in relation to typography then started using the computer to create the image. I did a series of these for a project.”


Her work reminds us of our own posters. The major difference between our art pieces and Erin’s is that we don’t deconstruct text so fans of the book can read their favourite passages in the original structure and form that the author had intended. In other words, Erin puts more emphasis on typography in her art, whereas we put more on passages.ericsmith-typography-art-5


What I really like about her work though is the originality in her subject matter. She doesn’t simply use typography as a gimmick to illustrate uninteresting things.


If you like Erin’s work, you’ll love the works of Stephen Kline and Keira Rathbone as well.

You can see more from Erin Smith on her website.