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December 08, 2011

Weekly Twitter digest for 2011-12-08

  • @BoingBoing Hi! I thought your readers would be interested in We use text from literary classics to design our posters. #
  • @GalleyCat Hi! I thought your readers would be interested in our free shipping promo for our unique literary posters #
  • @nypl Hello NY librarians! I thought you'd be interested in our literary posters made from the text of classic titles #
  • @_Chewie07 Thank you for writing about us! I hope you like your Great Gatsby poster. Please let us know what you think of it when it arrives #
  • @WhitForBrit Thanks for the mention! #
  • @encosion Hello Tim! Thank you for your feedback. Do you mind telling me where in our execution we can improve on? #
  • @Nymeth I liked your gift guide @ We are all deeply saddened at Postertext to not see our book posters on your list :( #
  • Oh our holiday rush, we missed the deadline for this year's Reddit Secret Santa :( #reddit #redditgifts #
  • @WhitForBrit I look forward to reading it! Would you please let me know once it's up? #
  • @WhitForBrit Yay :) #
  • @WhitForBrit I see the guide. Thank you for the mention! The Scratch Map is a great find. I think I'll get one for a friend. #
  • We've been mentioned on a major Canadian magazine - Chatelaine for their 2011 holiday gift guide. See it here #
  • @ChatelaineMag Thank you for mentioning us on your 2011 holiday gift guide! I just picked up a copy and it looks great in your magazine! #