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May 01, 2012

Donate to a good cause and receive a discount

Welcome to the first day of May everyone. Today, I'm very proud to announce our partnership with Recoup, a daily deals website with a philanthropic twist. You can read more about the organization here. recoup_deal_5.01.2012 From today to May 8th, 2012, we are running a special promotion that will net you $50 dollars worth of posters for only $29. Although you aren't required to make a donation to receive the discount, please consider the amount that you are saving and how a tiny portion of that amount can go towards a cause that furthers humanity. We've chosen Project Gutenberg as the default cause but you can select any cause listed here: We hope that you purchase a voucher from Recoup and make a small contribution to a cause you agree with! Have a splendid day, Peter Kao - Founder