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July 05, 2012

Wear What You Read!

Yesterday, when I was out and about, I ran into a guy sporting a t-shirt with the book cover illustration of Charlotte's Web (a children’s novel by E.B. White). Not only did this put a surprised smile on my face, but it got me thinking about the illustrations for popular literature that are wearable in the form of shirts. Back in the day I owned a t-shirt that had the Where the Wild Things Are (by Maurice Sendak) book cover illustration and it was by far one of my favorite articles of clothing. Not only did I find it stylish, but I also associated many of my pleasant childhood memories with this book and I was glad to proudly show my love for it. I did some investigating and discovered this neat company called Out of Print Clothing which features some of the coolest shirts with literary illustrations! I can’t wait to order one for myself. :)