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July 30, 2012

The Colors and Art That Bring Your Movie Poster to Life

Today is a day for movie posters. I know, I know, this topic probably isn’t very closely related to literature, but it is an artsy concept nonetheless. We should of course keep in mind that the art on book covers goes a long way in attracting a reader as does the art in movie posters for viewers. The first tidbit I have for you today is this chart which shows the difference in the distribution of colors in movie posters between the years 1914 and 2012. You can click on each individual year to check out a pie chart which shows the percentages of each color. You’ll be surprised at the major changes over the years! The second fun movie poster related bit that I have for you is this amazing exhibition of 25 Stunning Alternate Movie Posters. The artwork on the majority of these is phenomenal and inspiring! It offers a whole new twist to some of the familiar and beloved movies of our time. Enjoy! :)