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January 22, 2013

Check Out Our New Poster: A Room with a View!

24x36-A-Room-With-a-View This month’s release is a fabulous and beautifully illustrated A Room with a View art print! I am particularly excited about this precisely because the novel, A Room with a View, was the first of E.M. Forster's books that I ever read and as a result is responsible for getting me hooked on the rest of his works. You may be wondering why we chose January as the month for this release. Well, it turns out that our beloved author’s birthday falls conveniently on January first which makes this a month to celebrate E.M. Forster and his work. So in this spirit of celebration, I present to you Five Fun Forster Facts:  
  1. A Passage to India was the last novel that Forster published in his lifetime.
  2. Although he published his last novel at 45, Forster lived to be 91 years old!
  3. E.M. Forster stands for: Edward Morgan Forster.
  4. During World War I, Forster served with the Red Cross in Egypt. He also had opportunities to travel to, and live, in Italy, India, and Greece.
  5. There are two film adaptations of A Room with a View. The first was done in 1985 and the second in 2007.
Don’t let the celebration end here! Pick up one of Forster’s books or short stories and give it a read. After all, literature of this caliber never goes out of style. Enjoy! :)