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February 04, 2013

Fun Author Facts to Go with Our New Poster Releases!

Literature Yesterday, we announced on our blog the release of four spectacular art prints: Romeo and Juliet, The Three Musketeers, A Christmas Carol, and A Room with a View. This is exciting stuff for us, and we felt that nothing would be more appropriate to commemorate it all with than to give you a few fun facts about each author. Hopefully you’ll learn something new today! William Shakespeare:
  1. Shakespeare’s profession was acting, not writing. He did write 37 plays and 154 sonnets in his lifetime, but he was also known to frequently act in his own plays (as well as in plays by other writers).
  2. Shakespeare quotes are the second most commonly used in the English language, coming in second place only to the Bible.
  3. The amount of suicides in Shakespeare’s plays number an unlucky 13, with, of course, the suicides in Romeo and Juliet being among them.
Alexandre Dumas:
  1. Alexandre Dumas’ estate was called the Chateau de Monte Cristo or the Chateau d”If. Both these names are featured in his famous novel The Count of Monte Cristo.
  2. Alexandre was somewhat of a quixotic player back in his day. He had several romantic liaisons outside of his marriage and fathered two illegitimate children.
  3. Alexandre’s illegitimate son, Alexandre Dumas, fils, also went on to become a writer--his most notable work being The Lady of the Camellias.
Charles Dickens:
  1. When Charles was just a boy, his father was sent to debtor’s prison and Charles had to go work in a shoe polish factory as a result. He spent three years there and garnered a lot of experiences which he later passed into his stories and novels.
  2. It is believed that Dickens had a mild case of OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder). He was known to rearrange his furniture several times throughout the day and comb his hair excessively.
  3. Dickens’ novel The Old Curiosity Shop was published in serial form and gained such a following which was not replicated until the release of the Harry Potter series by J.K. Rowling. Apparently, thousands of fans gathered on the docks to greet the ship bringing in the last installment of Dickens’ book and shouted out to the sailors, desperate to know the ending to the story.
And of course for some fun facts on E.M. Forster, check out my January 22nd Forster themed blog. Enjoy! :)