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February 15, 2013

Literature of Love: Part 2

love   A lot of times we tend to regard authors as temperamental characters; being ‘artists’ means they are passionate, free spirits who are no doubt more deeply in tune with their emotions than the rest of us. After all, if they weren’t, how would it be possible to write tragic books about love? Since yesterday was Valentine’s Day, I thought it’d be fun to look at some real life romances of some of our favorite authors: 1.One of Ernest Hemingway's greatest love stories is without a doubt A Farewell to Arms. Fans have agonized for years wondering which parts of this novel hold true to Heminway’s real life romance. It turns out that during World War I, Hemingway did fall in love with a nurse while recovering from an injury in an Italian hospital. Her name was Agnes Von Kurowsky and Hemingway found himself so enthralled by her that he wanted to marry her! Fancy that! 2.Although Jane Austen is known for giving her characters their much deserved ‘happy ever after’, Jane herself suffered from an acute case of forbidden and tragic love. Her first love, Tom Lefroy, was destined to marry a woman of much larger fortune than Jane’s, and it is rumored that her second love, a young clergyman, passed away before he could marry her. It’s no wonder she wrote such wonderful romance! 3.Who better than Nicholas Sparks, the man who brought us to tears with works such as The Notebook, to know a thing or two about modern romance? Well, Nicholas married his sweetheart, Cathy, in 1989 and 24 years later they are still going strong! Talk about true love! Most importantly, I would like to wish all our readers a slighly belated Valentine's Day. Here’s to hoping you had a wonderful V-Day! :)