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February 17, 2013

Murakami's First Work in Three Years Due Out in April!

Murakami   Haruki Murakami is somewhat of an enigma in contemporary literature; he has a wide range of literary ability with novels which bear themes that are sad, sweet, erotic, and at times utterly bizarre. And it’s safe to say that not every novel Murakami writes is easy to follow or always makes sense. I myself have experienced both ends of the spectrum: I found reading Norwegian Wood easy and saw it as a book I could relate to. A Wild Sheep Chase and The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle, on the other hand, were both a struggle to get through – partially due, I assume, to the semi-supernatural tone of both books. Despite all of this, I’ve been following Murakami’s work because I do enjoy reading his books (even when it’s a bit of a mental tussle to do so), and I am delighted to discover today that Murakami will be releasing a new work very soon! According to this article, Murakami hasn’t released anything in three years now which will make this new novel, due out in April, much anticipated and much overdue. Sadly, there aren’t many details on the nature of the book so I guess it will be a surprise for most of us. I am looking forward to seeing what this literary great will unleash on the world! How about you? :)