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March 01, 2013

Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss!

seuss Today is Dr. Seuss' birthday! Who can’t help but love the author who brings out the child in all of us with catchy, rhyme-filled books such as The Lorax and The Cat in the Hat. So let’s enjoy some fun facts and celebrate the life of an author who has inspired us all to get in touch with that kid inside!
  1. The first recorded case of the word “nerd” was in Dr. Seuss’ book If I Ran the Zoo!
  2. Despite being aimed at children, some of Dr. Seuss’ books had a political theme to them. People love to theorize that Marvin K. Mooney Will You Please Go Now? was actually based on Nixon and the Watergate Scandal, and Seuss’ himself verified that the character Yertle in his book Yertle the Turtle was based on Adolf Hitler.
  3. About 300,000 copies of the book Oh the Places You'll Go! are sold every year because people love to give these to high-school and college graduates; which proves once again that you are never too old for Dr. Seuss!
Pull out your Cat in the Hat ties and your Yertle the Turtle socks and make it a day to remember Dr. Seuss. Hats off to this brilliant and entertaining author! :)