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March 25, 2013

NEW POSTER: The Phantom of the Opera

We are excited to let you know that we have released our The Phantom of the Opera poster! The Phantom of the Opera (24×36″ – 61×91.4cm) 24x36---Phantom-of-the-Opera  

This The Phantom of the Opera poster is created using the first 15 chapters of the book.

Using the singular passages from The Phantom of the Opera, this art print conjures up the specter from Leroux’s pages and revives this tale in a haunting way. The Phantom is depicted in his famous mask and cape as he disappears forever into the shades of his solitary subterranean realm. Like ashes in the wind, he disintegrates into the petals which fall from a wilting rose – a symbol of his toxic love for Christine. With his head bowed in sorrow and loneliness, he submerges once and for all into the darkness, never to be seen again. Leroux’s chilling tale brings alive the dreamy allure of the theatre with all its romances, dramas, and legends, and this art print draws his famous Phantom out of the glooms and resuscitates him in a remarkable way.

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We are very excited about this release and look forward to hearing your thoughts on our brand new poster! :)