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June 11, 2013

Literary Tidbit Tuesday: Fun Facts About Maurice Sendak!

maurice sendakSince yesterday we celebrated the 85th birthday of author Maurice Sendak, I thought it would be fun to feature some cool facts about this writer for our Literary Tidbit Tuesday this week. Enjoy! :) 1. Sendak was born in Brooklyn, NY of parents who were immigrants from Eastern Europe. 2. Sendak’s famous book, Where the Wild Things Are, was originally supposed to be titled Where the Wild Horses Are and was going to feature, you guessed it, horses. However, it turned out that Maurice wasn’t very good at drawing horses but he was, apparently, a very able drawer of ‘things’. 3. For some time many parents believed that Where the Wild Things Are was too scary for children. But it was really his later book, In the Night Kitchen, which was landed on the American Library Association’s list of banned books due to its protagonist cavorting about in the nude throughout the story. 4. Sendak also designed sets for operas and ballets! 5. Maurice’s older brother, Jack Sendak, was also a children’s book author and even got started in the business before Maurice himself!