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July 09, 2013

Literary Tidbit Tuesday: Three Authors Who Disliked Movie Renditions of Their Books

myfoolishheartMovie renditions of novels: sometimes you love them and sometimes you hate them. And there are some renditions which are bound to make you wonder how the author feels about them (is J.R.R. Tolkien rolling over in his grave as we speak?), so for our Literary Tidbit Tuesday I have a list of authors who, for one reason or another, disliked the movie versions that came out of their books. Warning: you may be shocked by what you learn!
  1. Stephen King openly stated that he didn’t like how director Stanley Kubrick went about recreating his book The Shining for the movie screen.  He felt Kubrick focused too much on creepy characters as opposed to the creepiness of the hotel itself. I found this surprising as this is one film I’ve always really liked! What do you true Stephen King fans think?
  2. One time, and one time only, did author J.D. Salinger agree to allow one of his books to be made into a movie. His story Uncle Wiggily in Connecticut was retitled My Foolish Heart and slapped on the silver screen for all to see. Salinger found this rendition so mortifying that he refused for any of his other works to be turned into films (sorry all you The Catcher in the Rye fans).
  3. There’s a reason why Roald Dahl’s book Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator didn’t make it to become a film sequel for Charlie and the Chocolate Factory; you guessed it, Dahl wasn’t particularly pleased with the movie version and didn’t want the rest of his series ruined.
What about you? Are there any particular film versions of novels that you found less than satisfactory? Or certain types of renditions that you feel the author would not be pleased with? :)