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July 16, 2013

Literary Tidbit Tuesday: Authors and Their Furry (and Not So Furry) Friends!

steinbeckI love pets. Big, small, cat, dog, they’re excellent comfort and the best listeners. Which got me thinking that pets seem ideal for writers in particular: who else is an eternal listener, always available to play with when you have writer’s block, or willing to listen when you read your work out loud? Who else but Fluffy the Dog or Ginger the Cat? So, for Literary Tidbit Tuesday I went searching on Flavorwire and found this excellent compilation of famous authors and their pets. Some of these may not surprise you – after all, most of us know that John Steinbeck had a poodle or that Ernest Hemingway had cats – but, for example, the idea of William Faulkner cuddling up with a furry friend seems hard to believe and a bit more shocking. All in all, there are some truly adorable pictures which are guaranteed to make you grin. And perhaps the best way to celebrate Literary Tidbit Tuesday this week is to snuggle up with your own pet and read a good book. :)