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July 23, 2013

Literary Tidbit Tuesday: Fun Facts About 'The Scarlet Letter' in Celebration of Our Next Poster Release!

scarlet letter

It’s Literary Tidbit Tuesday once more and since we have a new art print being released in a couple days, we thought it’d be fun to put the focus on this particular novel. All of you who have been waiting in dire anticipation for The Scarlet Letter to finally be released as one of our posters: your wait is finally over! Yup, we’ll be releasing an awesome The Scarlet Letter poster on the 25th of July, and in order to make your wait a little less agonizing, I’d like to entertain you with some fun facts about Nathaniel Hawthorne and his famous works:
  1. The Scarlet Letter was set in the 17th Century in Boston, MA.
  2. Hawthorne didn’t believe the novel would sell well, but he was wrong – it was an instant top seller!
  3. What letter is referred to in the title? The letter ‘A’ which the protagonist wore as a public symbol that she was an adulteress.
  4. Nathaniel Hawthorne was born and lived in Salem, Massachusetts.
  5. Two of Hawthorne’s other well-known works are: The House of the Seven Gables and Young Goodman Brown.
What about you? Do you have any fun factoids about Hawthorne and his stories that you’d like to share with us? :)