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July 25, 2013

New Poster: The Scarlet Letter

We are excited to inform you that we now have a brand new poster available! The tragic tale of this great literary classic is brought alive through our The Scarlet Letter art print: The Scarlet Letter (24x36''  -  61x91.4cm)

24x36Vert---Scarlet-Letter-dropshadowThis The Scarlet Letter poster is created using the entire text of the book.   

The astute words of Hawthorne’s major work, The Scarlet Letter, weave a tale of depravity, deception, and redemption that has been admired for decades. The heroine, Hester Prynne, after bearing a child while her husband is away, is accused of adultery and forced to bear the shame of wearing a scarlet ‘A’ on all her clothing. Despite numerous societal pressures, Hester refuses to give up the name of her child’s father and decides instead to stand up to the terrible wrath and judgment of the puritanical society in which she lives. Her daughter’s father meanwhile wastes away as the guilt of his part in Hester’s suffering eats at him with acidic veracity. Finally, it is Hester herself who finds the peace needed to forge a road free of the shackles of guilt and remorse. Hawthorne’s tour de force, The Scarlet Letter, is used here to form an absorbing work of art. The sensual undulations of the infamous letter ‘A’ mold a background against which we see a pedestal marked by towering steps. Upon this platform, visible for the world to scorn and despise, stands Hester and her daughter Pearl. Their important mother-daughter relationship is portrayed in this art print as we see these two individuals – with destinies so closely intertwined – standing for a fleeting instant, reaching out towards one another with endearing love. The Scarlet Letter is a moral tale which is enormously reminiscent even today. The agonies and emotions sparked from this story are seared into the memory with our illustration of the unbreakable Hester Prynne and her symbols of shame.  

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