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August 06, 2013

Can a Movie Rendition Be Better Than Its Book?

hamburger I posted the above image last week because I found it to be a comedic approach to how many of us see film renditions of our favorite books. It appears to be a popular theme with me (I’m not sure why) because some time ago, for Literary Tidbit Tuesday, I also wrote a blog about authors who disliked movie renditions of their novels. Perhaps I’m just biased, or have yet to see what I consider to be an improved version of some of the books I’ve grown to love, but I think it’s safe to admit that, while I have heard many people complain about how a book based movie simply doesn’t add up to its novel counterpart, and I’ve even heard some people term certain movie renditions as ‘adequate’ at capturing the spirit of their books, I have never heard anyone remark that a movie rendition was better than the original book. So for today’s Literary Tidbit Tuesday, I’ve hunted down an article that does just that: it proves that it is indeed possible to produce a film rendition which outdoes the novel. But before I go any further, I do want to issue a Spoiler Alert for the subsequent article; if you don’t want to know the endings to some of these films, I would recommend not proceeding. :) This article, Five Movies That Improved the Book, may just possibly boggle your mind. And since I like having my mind boggled, I’d love to hear your opinions! Do you think these films were an improvement or not? Which movies (not on the list) do you think were adaptations which outdid their books? Enjoy, and have a Happy Literary Tidbit Tuesday! :D