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August 25, 2013

New Poster: The Secret Garden

We are excited to inform you that we now have a new poster available! The beauty of friendship and youthful hope is brought to life in our  The Secret Garden art print. The Secret Garden (24x36''  -  61x91.4cm)

24 x 36 Vert - The Secret GardenSD-DS- CroppedThis The Secret Garden poster is created using the first 25 chapters of the book.   

The central narrative of Burnett’s book, The Secret Garden, revolves around Mary Lennox, a spoilt and rather unhappy little individual. When both her parents die in an epidemic, she is sent away to England to live with her uncle. To her surprise, she discovers a plethora of amusing characters, none of which are willing to put up with her spoiled ways, and she is forced to come to terms with the unpleasant aspects of her own personality. Her discovery and revival of a secret garden parallels her own journey: she can either choose to remain dead and shut off to the world, or she can rejuvenate and blossom into a beautiful young girl. Her choice, and how it affects those around her, is concluded in the amazing final moments of this wonderful story. The words of Frances Hodgson Burnett’s The Secret Garden are used here to fashion a key hole through which the viewer peeps upon the private and beautiful moment in which Mary first stumbles upon the secret garden. Her eyes follow her friendly guide, the robin redbreast, as he flies into the depths to reveal to her the enchanted hidden qualities of an abandoned fairy-tale-like garden. In her right hand, Mary holds the key which epitomizes not only her physical access to the hidden garden, but also her spiritual emerging; because with each moment she spends within those ivy walls coaxing life from the soil and healing scars from a lost love, her soul unlocks and awakens more and more. And like the roses illustrated surrounding her, she finds a way to thrive and endure despite all odds and emerge a victorious survivor in her own right. The Secret Garden is often considered a children’s tale, but reminds us at any age that magic and brightness can exist within our hearts. Our The Secret Garden print reveals a twinkling moment of girlish wonder which truly embodies the ideals of youthful optimism and redemption that permeate this delightful novel.

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