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August 27, 2013

Literary Friendships: A Friend in Need is A Friend Indeed!

Book Illustration Depicting Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson in a Train Cabin A good friend is priceless: this sentiment has been echoed again and again through the pages of some of the greatest literature we know. As we draw to the end of our friendship month, it seems appropriate to close it by focusing on some of the close friendships in our favorite novels. So let’s give friendship one last ‘Hurrah!’ with this countdown of a few phenomenal literary bonds: Sherlock Holmes --> Dr. Watson   (The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes) Seriously, where would Sherlock Holmes be without his beloved Watson? The man puts up with near death experiences, Holmes’ weird living habits, and is possibly the only human being who Sherlock actually cares about. Sherlock Holmes just wouldn’t be the same without his trusty sidekick. Frodo --> Samwise  (The Lord of the Rings) I know a lot of people willing to give these two a hard time for their ‘weirdly’ close relationship. But come on, when a guy travels with you through the most barren and destitute of places just to help you save Middle-earth, you can’t help but form a special connection…like the kind that makes you best friends for life. Mole --> Ratty (The Wind in the Willows) Ratty is the selfless type of friend you’ll always wish you had. He’s patient enough to not only let Mole come live with him, but he teaches him to row a boat, and introduces Mole to his own circle of fun friends! Suffice to say that many pleasant times were had by these two in their adventures by the river. What about you? Which are some of your favorite friendships from your favorite books? We’d love to hear what you have to say. :)