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September 04, 2013

Amazon Announces the Kindle MatchBook: Launching October 2013!

kindle Being an avid reader can sometimes take a toll on your wallet. I myself can end up spending quite a bit on a monthly basis in order to keep up with my reading habit. Don’t we all want an easier and cheaper way to get the books we love? Amazon has come up with a cool new project which will be releasing in October. It’s called Kindle MatchBook and will apparently offer a score of great titles at a very reasonable price ranging from free (my favorite) to around $2.99. You’re probably thinking that there aren’t going to be very many good titles available, but if you browse through the website you’ll find this simply isn’t true. Authors Michael Crichton and Ray Bradbury, among others, have books up on the list. The only catch? Make sure you own a Kindle because these titles are only going to be available in e-book form! :)