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September 12, 2013

Saving Orwell's Burmese Home

orwell Saying the name George Orwell usually conjures up memories of reading Nineteen Eighty-Four and Animal Farm – two of Orwell’s most popular works. However, Burmese Days is also one of Orwell’s books which is definitely worth reading. Set in Burma during the early 1900s, this novel is meant to reveal the ‘dark side’ of British rule. Orwell wrote from experience in this case, having spent around five years as part of the police force in Burma and created a narrative which follows in the cynical vein for which Orwell is well-known. According to this article, people in Burma are now struggling to preserve the house in which Orwell lived and are hoping to convert it into a museum. I support this idea full out. Why? Because Burmese Days was not only Orwell’s first novel, but an important historical study which takes a look at the fading days of the British rule in India and Burma. I’m sure my fellow George Orwell lovers will agree that this is one museum we’d love to put on our list of Places to See. :)