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September 24, 2013

New Poster: The Invisible Man


We are excited to inform you that we now have a new poster available! Indulge the sci-fi fan in you through the enigmatic allure of our The Invisible Man art print. The Invisible Man (24x30''  -  61x76.2cm)

24x30Vert - The Invisible Man - New Logo - SD - DS - Fixed Text

This The Invisible Man poster is created using the entire text from the book.   

The Invisible Man begins mysteriously with a stranger arriving at an inn on a cold and dark night. But with the rising of the dawn and the passing of the days, the townspeople realize that there is literally less to this bundled up individual than first meets the eye. Beneath the bandages lurks a monster named Griffin who intends to use the power of invisibility for evil. Wells’ thrilling conclusion leaves readers sitting at the edge of their seats as the hero Kemp clashes with this unseen villain in a final face-off in hopes of saving an entire nation from Griffin’s malevolently planned ‘Reign of Terror’. The famous words of H.G. Wells’ novel The Invisible Man convalesce here in a silhouette that is both eerie and magnetic. Few things are more horrifying than unseen fears, and this illustration captures both sides of this disturbing coin; Griffin’s odious glare, wrapped up in bandages and concealed by goggles, is horrific and dismaying – and yet – the calculated removal of his glove to reveal his invisible hand is in many ways more terrifying.  In our art print, each alarming movement and anomaly is further enlarged through Griffin’s menacing shadow – caught for a moment in a circle of searing light. The Invisible Man is a fantastical work by one of the greatest science fiction gurus of the 19th century. In this remarkable art print the hateful menace, the fear of invisible things that go bump in the night, the shocking saga of Wells' wonderful novel, are all for a brief moment made visible to your eyes.

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