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September 26, 2013

Answers to Every Reader's Question: What Should I Read Next?

books What should I read next? The question strikes a chill into the hearts of avid readers everywhere. Everyone has those days where you finish a particularly excellent book and realize that (GASP!) you have nothing on your list to read next. Or, as occasionally happens, the book you just finished was so wonderful that you find it hard to imagine any novel being up to the immense standard of serving as a recovery read. Or perhaps you are a big fan of certain authors and, having finished every single novel they’ve ever written, you’d like – nay NEED – to find other writers with a similar style or theme which will appeal to you. What if there were a website that would allow you to type in an author’s name and in return would give you a list of books which are similar and good choices for your next bookish perusal? One can dream, right? Actually, your dream days are past – at least in this area – because What Should I Read Next? is a site which does exactly that: type in the name of any writer and you’ll get a list of books you should, as the name of the site states, read next. I’ve been testing What Should I Read Next? and have put together a few titles based off of three of my favorite authors: Erik Larson, Mohsin Hamid, and Ernest Hemingway. I’m excited to see how these books turn out for me. How about you? Do you plan on giving What Should I Read Next? a try? Have you already used this site and, if so, how did it work out for you? As always I love hearing your thoughts and opinions so share away! :)