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October 09, 2013

Habits and Routines of the Creative

workroom I’m a big fan of reading up on the working habits of my favorite authors. I can’t help it: in some ways it’s a guilty pleasure, and in others it just gives me an excuse to look at my own daily creative behavior as not really all that bad (hey, at least there’s no substance abuse or unhealthy eating --so far, so good). I know it’s always romantic to imagine most artists subsisting on a diet of alcohol and illegal narcotics – something like what Hunter S. Thompson is said to have done – however, many writers actually had (and have) relatively ‘normal’ and ‘responsible’ schedules. Check out this article to find out what famous authors like Gustave Flaubert and T.S. Eliot had in common. The collective agreement here seems to indicate that structure is a great way to feed creativity! Enjoy! :)